Simulate the dynamics of particles with OMNIS™/Mpacts

    Laura Trappolini     Webinar Recording     04.03.2021



Particles are all around us. Around 80% of all industrial processes are estimated to deal with particulate materials and particle interactions. Examples can be found in food processing (fruit bruise analysis, mixing and blending…), heavy equipment (conveyor belts, hoppers, dump truck…), agriculture equipment (combine harvesters, tractors, tillage…), pharmaceutical and biotech (tablet coating, powder spreading, fluidized bed…) and many more sectors.

In order to understand, analyze, and solve these complex system properties without the need for experimental prototypes, designers of industrial processes use software technologies to predict the behavior of these discontinuous granular materials. OMNIS™/Mpacts is a simulation software that uses the Discrete Element Method (DEM) to simulate the dynamics of large numbers of interacting particles. Its main strength is its huge flexibility in representing the different shapes and interaction mechanics of the particles, leading to highly accurate and reliable simulations. 

In this webinar learn all about the DEM method to simulate and optimize particle interactions in industrial processes. 

We will demonstrate with a user case from one specific sector in particle management: mixing applications. Some of its main challenges being: how to make sure the mixing of all components is homogeneous, and how to ensure this mixing occurs in minimal time?



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Laura graduated as Mechanical Engineer with a specialization in Energy from the Belgian University of Mons. She joined NUMECA international in 2015. For the first 3 years, she worked as a Turbomachinery Application Engineer. Today, she manages the Multiphysics Product and Application Group.