Classroom training: Fidelity™ Flow for turbomachinery

Classroom training: Fidelity™ Flow for turbomachinery

Who should attend

New Cadence Fidelity users, engineers and designers.



Fidelity™ is a complete integrated environment for CFD simulations: it includes mesh generators and solvers for almost any kind of applications. Fidelity™ Turbo is the fast and accurate system for the simulation of rotating machinery.


What you will learn

During the introductory training:

  • How to generate a high-quality mesh in few minutes with Fidelity™ Automesh
  • How to set up and run a computation in Fidelity™ Flow
  • How to extract performance indicators from a CFD computation

While during the advanced training:

  • How to improve your solution with the Non-Linear Harmonic (NLH) model
  • How to include the fluid-structure interaction in your simulation
  • How to include the thermal effects on the solids

If you are interested by any particular advanced topics, let us know in advance so that we can add your specific requirements.


To register for upcoming sessions, please visit our training website through the link below:


Topics covered

 Introductory training 

 Day 1


  • Introduction to Cadence Design Systems
  • Introduction to the Omnis™ platform
  • Introduction to Omnis™ AutoGrid
  • Expert mode in Omnis™ AutoGrid   
  • Practice sessions on industrial cases              

 Day 2


  • Introduction to Omnis™ Turbo
  • Physical models in Omnis™ Turbo
  • Practice session on industrial cases

 Day 3

  • Introduction to results analysis
  • Practice session
  • Question/Answer session
 Advanced training


 Day 4 and/or Day 5

Possible topics include:

  • Non-Linear Harmonic model
  • Fluid-Structure interaction
  • Conjugate Heat Transfer