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Who should attend

New NUMECA users, engineers and designers.



FINE™/Open is the powerful CFD Flow Integrated Environment dedicated to Multiphysics CFD.


During the introductory training,  you will learn:

  • Mesh generation using HEXPRESS™

  • Mesh generation using HEXPRESS™/Hybrid

  • Basic introduction to FINE™/Open With OpenLabs


While during the advanced training, you will learn:

  • Supersonic Flows

  • Advanced CHT meshing for complex systems

  • External Aerodynamics

  • Combustion and radiation modeling

  • The heat source and porous media modeling

  • Lagrangian flows /Multispecies


If you are interested by any particular advanced topics, let us know in advance so that we can add your specific requirements.


Topics covered

 Introductory training 

 Day 1


  • Introduction: Presentation of NUMECA and introduction to NUMECA software
  • Introduction to HEXPRESS™ (Importation, CAD import, Domain Creation and Manipulation)
  • Mesh generation in HEXPRESS™ (Mesh Initialization & Mesh generation Introduction)
  • Practice 1: Simple domain generation for volute
  • Practice 2: 2D Mesh generation complex gear geometry
  • Practice 3: Rotor & Stator  computation for volute and Impeller ( Importing Autogrid5 structured mesh and coupled with HEXPRESS unstructured mesh)
  • Practice 4: Periodic matching mesh generation
  • Introduction to HEXPRESS™/Hybrid and HEXPRESS™/ Viewer
  • Practice 5: Mesh generation for the exhaust manifold     

 Day 2


  • Mesh Generation in HEXPRESS™/Hybrid with advanced features
  • Practice 1: Meshing workshop
  • Introduction  to fully conformal multi-domain meshing in HEXPRESS™/Hybrid (Conjugate heat transfer(CHT) meshes)
  • Practice 2: Full CHT mesh generation for the radiator
  • Introduction to FINE™/Open
  • Project set up in FINE™/Open and introduction to the task manager
  • Introduction to preconditioning  and MultiGrid capabilities
  • Practice 3: Computational setup in FINE™/Open for the exhaust manifold
  • Practice 4: Computational setup in FINE™/Open for Impeller and volute case

 Day 3

  • Turbulence modeling, mesh adaptation, and CPU Booster
  • Introduction CFView™ & Post-treatment of results in CFView™
  • Practice 1: Post processing Exhaust manifold
  • Practice 2: Post processing Impeller and volute case
  • FINE™/Open – Introduction to OpenLabs & computation setup using OpenLabs
  • Practice 3: – Definition of custom initial boundary conditions
  • Practice 4: – Definition of unsteady inlet boundary condition
  • Practice 5: – Creation of new transport equation and modifications of the source terms
 Advanced training


 Day 4 and/or Day 5     

 Possible topics include:

  • Modeling supersonic flows
  • Dedicated training on external aerodynamics
  • Dedicated training on full conformal mesh generation for complex systems ( CHT meshes)
  • Introduction to Heat Sources modeling and porous media modeling for radiators and condensers
  • Introduction to combustion theory and modeling in FINE™/Open
  • Introduction to Radiation Theory
  • Introduction to Lagrangian flows /Multispecies
  • Any other dedicated training on your case


Timing and Venue

From JUNE 17 - 20, 2019.

NUMECA International offices: Ch. de la Hulpe 189 Terhulpse Steenweg

1170 Brussels - Belgium



To register to the classroom training, send us an email at

If you have any question or wish to hear more about the training, let us know.

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