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NUMECA organizes regularly training sessions that will help you to master the NUMECA software suite. Whether you want to get up to speed with products or to increase your simulation skills, our training offer is flexible.

There are different packages from introductory trainings of NUMECA software to advanced classes tailored to your specific projects. If you are interested by any particular advanced topics, let us know in advance so that we can add your specific requirements.

  • Introductory classroom training: ~ 3 days
  • Advanced trainings: ~ 1 or 2 extra days

Trainings may occur at NUMECA offices or can be arranged at your premises for a dedicated on-site session.

During trainings, receive solid theory and best practices, experience hands-on simulation and learn how to succeed in CFD simulation.

You can also check out our Events page for other education formulas like webinars, seminars and workshops.

Special offers are available for Academics. Please check out our Academic section for more information.


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